Gift Buying Guide for a Sports Fan

Buying a gift for somebody who shares similar interests as you is hard enough, let alone somebody who likes something you have no interest in, such as sports! However, this lack of common interested doesn’t excuse you from bringing a present to their party.

Of course, sometime you get lucky, like at Christmas time where you can pick up a tree from the Groupon Coupons page for Balsam Hill and be everybody’s favorites guest. However, for the most part, you find yourself stuck wondering what to buy. If this sounds like a familiar position and you are looking for a great sports themed last minute gift idea, this article can help!

A Season Pass

The easiest thing you can get them is a season pass for their favorite team’s stadium and away games. Now, you are likely going to say that they already have a season pass and are attending the games right now. However, there is nothing stopping you from buying a year in advance. Knowing that they will be able to continue their fandom into the next season by attending all of the games yet to be scheduled is a great feeling for any serious sports fan.


If there is one thing that every sports fanatic loves, memorabilia. It doesn’t matter if it’s a signed photograph of their favorite baseball player, a signed basketball from their favorite coach, or even just a vintage poster showing their favorite team before they made it big. Whatever it is, if you can find it at a sports memorabilia store then you can be assured that it’s going to be a hit.

If you take this tip, you will likely find that the prices are going to be quite high. However, don’t let this deter you. There will be a number of items in the store which you will be able to afford. And while they may seem small, it truly is the thought of the gift which matters.


If they have a cell phone, look to get a case with their favorite sports team on it. If they use a laptop, look for a decal which matches its dimensions. If they love to drive, consider flags, stickers, license plate covers, and a range of other silly and wacky sports accessories that you see around the streets. While it’s true that the recipient is not likely to keep the flags hanging from their car all year round, they will use them when the season is at its peak.

Fitness Tracker

If they to watch sport then the chances are high that they also like to play the sport. If this is the case then a fitness tracker makes for the perfect and cost effective gift. Take a look online at some review for fitness trackers that match the requirements for your recipient. FOr example, if they are heavily into swimming or any sports which involve water, consider a waterproofed fitness tracker. Similarly, if they are focused on running, look for a tracker which has enhanced sensors to provide them with details exercise feedback.

These are just a few of the great sports themed gift that you can get at the last minute. So the next time that you find yourself in the familiar present of not knowing what to buy, remember this article.

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