How To Lose Weight Fast

 If you’ve been off your diet for awhile and not sure how to go about a fast method to getting back on track, then look no further. Though losing weight fast is not always the best. It can be done…because that’s what people ask for. At the same time what is fast to you, may not be fast to someone else. With “The Diet Solution” you can be your own judge.

What your goal is when you do get the weight off…you want to keep it off. Therefore which ever diet plan you choose to work for you, just remember the new way of thinking about what to eat and the amounts is important. It’s always easier to eat smaller amounts of food throughout the day than skipping meal, because when you do eat you wind up eating too much.

how to lose weight fast
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A good rule of thumb to go by is to eat what you can fit a saucer…and not on a plate. Instead of eating three times a day, eat six times. Let me explain. Going back to size once again. One of those six meals could be an apple and a couple glasses of water. Cut an apple in half and what does it fit on? Yes, a saucer.

Maybe what you can fit on a saucer is going to far in your case. Well, you can eat just about all the salad you want. Two big plates full of salad is a lot! That’s what I do. Light on the dressing though or use olive oil and just about all the crackers you can eat is ok too. Trust me, did you five pounds can be just setting in your colon?

After a couple weeks of salad, you’ll never get to the second plate because your stomach starts to shrink. One more trick of the trade. It takes about ten minutes before your mind will tell you that your full. That’s why I say go by the size of the amount of your new eating habit…rather than letting your eyes being the judge.

When going into a restaurant this is why 70% of the American population is over weight. The portions they bring out are entirely too big! This is where the ten minute rule comes in. Just stop eating when you feel that it’s been enough. Well, by the time you pay for your meal and get out to your car about eight minutes have passed. Guess what? After you’ve driven a couple minutes down the road, by now it’s been about ten minutes since you were in the restaurant setting at the table. All of a sudden you’ll say, man am I full! Works, every time!

Of course in the complete plan of “The Diet Solution” your going to get quite a lot of information that will fit your exact situation suited  to your needs. Now that you’ve master the how to lose weight fast with “The Diet Solution” this is how you reward yourself. Go buy yourself a new pair of jeans that are a couple inches smaller waist than before you started!

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