How To Run Faster And Longer

Running longer is a simple process of adding a little more distance each week or every couple weeks. Running faster is a bit more technical in which we’ll go into detail in this article. In the end you’ll have a formula to running longer and faster.

Your long run each week will be acquired by adding more distance from whatever your ability is at the start. Let’s say your capable of running three miles when you decide to begin adding more distance to your long run. You should be able to run a couple more miles longer than your racing distance. If you’re a 5K runner you should should be able to run five miles. Every couple of weeks add a half mile to your longest distance. If you’re a 10K runner you should be able to run eight to nine miles as your long run.
how to run faster and longer
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For a complete running week you should have a long run, a couple short runs, a track day and a pace day or tempo run. A couple days off to top out a training week. One off day could be traded out for a no run day.

Build a track day into the running schedule to develop speed. You should find a local middle school or high school that has a track you can borrow. It’s a good idea to follow a track day with an off day. I didn’t particularly like the track, but did develop a love/hate relationship with the track. It’s really the only way to develop speed. If you don’t have access to a track then you’ll have to measure off a quarter mile, half mile and one mile  distance. This can be measured with your car.

Back at the track this is what you want to do to develop speed. After you warm-up with a one mile warm-up you can do your intervals. Your going develop speed by adding small doses of your running speed. I have no idea of your capability at this point so you’ll have adjust to fit you.

If your racing pace is a 6:30 pace you’ll want to set your timer to 1:36. This is one loop around the track. You must purchase a runners watch with a timer. After each loop then rest for 1:36. After the rest then run another 1:36 pace. You legs will be getting use to the lactic acid burning in your legs in small doses. Run a couple of these loops on the first day. Each week on your track day add one more set. Keep adding another loop until you get up to twelve loops. This is three miles when added up.

This will take about three months of a build up if you were just capable of running your long slow runs. Now your teaching your body racing pace. After you able to run twelve loops then add two loops each track day. At this point your able to run ½ mile times six loops. Six loops is your three miles. Once you capable of that then run ¾ of a mile, of four loops. Again, this is your three miles. The final agenda is four loops time three.

This is one mile times three. This is your three miles. On race day…is where you put it all together. Your long runs enable you the confidence you can run the distance. The track secessions enable you the confidence of holding the racing pace of 6:30.  This is one way of how to run faster and longer. Good luck and happy racing!

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