Running Runners Tips : Body Fat on Runners

One problem runner’s have is losing too much weight too fast! What you do is weight in every morning to keep a check on yourself. If you’ve lost more than three pounds in one day, you’ve lose too many fluids in one day! Drink up. A safe amount of weight loss is about three pounds a week.

What do you do once you get to your perfect body weight for your height and body build for your age? Once there just keep track of your eating habits and the amount you eat. Runners don’t eat three squares a day. We eat about five times a day. However, eating consists of smaller portions than non runner people. Runner’s stomachs are small.

I’ll go through a runner’s day of an eating pattern. I never was one to write this stuff down because I’ve ran for so many years it’s just embedded in to my memory. Morning meal might be a boiled egg, slice of toast and juice. Mid-morning might be an apple. At some point if I get hungry before lunch I’ll eat a few dried apricots. Lunch time will be a tuna sandwich plus an orange or carrot and a drink. A couple times a day I’ll drink a Dr Pepper about half and half if they’re a regular or diet. Of course throughout the day drink all the water you can drink.

body fat on runners
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You don’t want to eat three to four hours before you run. So if you’re running in the evenings your dinner will come around six to seven. When I’m saying you don’t want to eat three to four hours before you run; I’m not counting a fruit, raw vegetables or a pop tart. Some thing like that is to just tie you over until dinner. Now dinner time could be a chef’s salad. Once again this meal could be just about any fruits and vegetables cooked as you please. However, raw is better.

Eat meats only a couple times a week, consisting of bird or fish and no red meat. Make sure weekly you eat grains, beans, fruits, vegetables and cereals with flaxseed in there. You can also sprinkle wheat germ on your cereal. Drink skim milk. If you don’t like skim milk here’s what you do: Take yourself off whole milk by gradually changing from whole to 2% to 1% to skim. Trust me, if you’ll slowly wean yourself off whole milk over a couple weeks in-between you’ll never know the difference.

Now if you’re going over to a friend’s house and they stick a t-bone steak and a baked potatoes in front of you, don’t be a weirdo! You can get off your runner’s diet a little every once in awhile, it won’t kill you! Just use the steak as garnish as you would the vegetables. The steak is not your center piece. Eat about 4 ounce or less. Move the steak form center piece on the plate to the outside. Pull the vegetables from the outside edges of the plate to your center of the plate. This makes the vegetables the main focus of the meal and the steak as a few bites, you’ll be fine! You’ll be ok happy running!

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