Healthy Eating Menu

It’s common knowledge that a healthy eating diet will consist of a balanced meal that provides the right nutrition needed by the body. But if you really think about it closely, it’s not every day that we actually get to meet our kids’ dietary needs. A lot of parents will attribute this to the fact that eating healthy demands more time and effort. In reality, creating a healthy diet for your kids does not have to be all this if you know what your children need and where to get them.

Remember that your children will eat what they find available in your homes, so it is important to stock healthy foods. When it comes to your home, you have control over what your children will be eating depending on what you make accessible to them. As opposed to having chips and other junk foods for snacks try healthier alternatives such as fruit and or vegetable slices with dips.

These do not have to be hard to make dips. Peanut butter is a great choice and it is a good source of protein and iron as well. Or try popcorn without the butter and season it moderately with salt instead to reduce fat content. Just keep in mind that if you prepare these and have them handy, then your children will eat them.

For breakfast instead of serving your children with a bowl of cereals that is full of sugar, try to go for oatmeal or whole grain cereals. Most children may not like this, so you can add some fresh berries, raisins or fruit slices and a moderate amount of sugar into this.

If you want you can prepare these toppings in advance store them and just lay them out in the table in the morning to let your child have a go at picking what to put. This makes it both fun and healthy. Also, instead of instant or juice concentrates, make use of fresh fruit juice or organic milk.

Lunch is often something that your kids will eat in school most especially if they are of school age. Try to make the food that you pack exciting so that they look forward to the meal. Get some inspiration from Japanese bento boxes which have a lot of natural food such as fruits and vegetables but look very enticing.

If you are thinking about packing a sandwich for your child, then opt for whole wheat bread as opposed to white. Trim the fat off meat and cold cuts before putting them in as well. Crackers and cheese, with a salad and baked potato will also work much better than fast food items such as French fries and a burger. Whenever you can find an alternative method of cooking that is not frying go for it, since this means less fat.

Dinner may give you more options and chances to try out new things since you will be having the meal at home. If you decide to serve rice then choose organic brown rice, and the same goes for pasta, wheat noodles will work best. Steam or stir fry vegetables and pair it up with something grilled such as chicken barbeque. Go Mexican and serve soft tacos on wheat pita bread, using less meat and more vegetables. You can even make your own salsa instead of using something bottled.

Dinner can be a great time to expand the palate of your kids, and introduce different things; the more foods that they are open to eating then the more nutrients that they can get. Do some research and find out what nutrients certain foods bring so that you know what you will be giving your kids. A healthy eating menu isn’t all that difficult once you have gotten the hang of things.

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