Prenatal Yoga

Why You Can Still Do Yoga When You Are Pregnant? There are many women who have taken up the art of yoga, to bring them some peace and tranquillity to their all round well being, and it does not have to stop when they are pregnant. In fact prenatal yoga can help with the many changes that are happening to your body. What you will need to do however, is to consult with your instructor, or if you have being doing this yourself at home, find a professional to get advice on the right type of poses you can do; this is to protect you as well as the baby

When practising yoga when you are pregnant you can fully understand what changes your body is going through, you can channel and take in your role as a mother and take pleasure in the months you have being pregnant. It can also help for when you do go into labour too; a lot of yoga focuses on breathing techniques, getting into positions that can help you relax which is going to be essential during your labour.

prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga should ideally be carried out after the first trimester, so around 12-15 weeks, this is to ensure that you are and your body are ready to take on this form of exercise, also you will have more energy to complete your yoga session. If you feel like you wish to have some form of exercise regime in these first few months, then good ideas are swimming or gentle walks. As your baby grows and your bump gets bigger you will of course need to lessen the movements made as it can be uncomfortable and your energy levels will start to decrease again.

It is advisable to not do yoga poses that put weight upon the tummy, if you are in classes your instructor will advise on this and have you complete other poses whilst the other members do these poses; of course you could find specific prenatal yoga classes, where you can interact with other mums to be too. As long as you have taken all good advise you can do light yoga as much as three times a week, make sure that you take note of what your body is telling you throughout your pregnancy and don’t push yourself, but take it in your time.

As said the breathing element of yoga is crucial, you will find that it is best to change your breathing from what you have previously been doing. You will need to take slower and deeper breaths, this allows for the oxygen to not only help you but also your baby. It is also best to learn this technique quickly as you can use it when not practising yoga; there may be times when you are out and about and you start to feel stress and tension building, by taking a few minutes to sit down and breath you will start to feel better, also the quicker you can calm down the less of the stress etc passes onto the baby, prenatal yoga is safe to do and continue to provide you with the exercise and peacefulness you will need.

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