What Things To Expect From Yoga Teacher Training

After reading a lot of interviews of yoga teachers and by some experience of my own I have compiled a list of 10+ things every  aspirant should expect during their yoga teacher training.

Everyone have different memories of their teacher training course, here in this list I have tried to write the common experiences that most of the students confess about.

Previous aspirants say that,  It doesn’t matter you want to become a full-time teacher or part-time teacher but, what matter is that this training will be one of the most memorable experience you will ever have in your life.

What Things To Expect From Yoga Teacher Training
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If you want to add something from your side you are most welcome. Just tell it in the comment section.

1. Expect Hard Work

Yes, Yoga is calm and relaxing but yoga teacher training courses, specially intensive courses are fast paced and exhaustive. You should not expect it to be easy go lucky. You have to work day after day and retain as much as you can. This course requires physical endurance as well as mental sharpness. If you get dull, you will miss something important

2. Expect a Roller-Coaster Ride

Most of the aspirants confess about this. They say, some days they feel like euphoric and immensely connect to the practice and inner self and some days they feel frustrated and irritated. One day they will feel like this course shouldn’t end and other day they will pray for the course to end.
Most of this depend on the fact how they are performing on the mat, If the practice session goes good they are happy all the day. As the days pass most of students learn to observe and respond rather then react to the situation. Realize that this mood swing is the part of the course. 

3. Expect Long Days

No matter what season it is, you will feel like days are getting longer and nights are short. Most probably your schedule will start early in the morning before the sun rises and it will end late in the evening and you will spend rest of the time contemplating about the day. 

4.  Expect Mistakes, Weaknesses and Failures

No matter how great you are with yoga, you will make mistakes and discover your weaknesses during your the course. It’s Ok, don’t let your ego come in between you and your goal.
One thing I have learned about yoga is that it changes you, More you practice, better you become at observing and responding to day today life. To learn some thing like yoga you have to humble and develop self acceptance. Self acceptance doesn’t mean settling with the weaknesses it means you know what’s your capacity is and you have a plan to surpass your weakness.

5. Expect Meditation

Most of students think that yoga during training will be all about flow, sequencing and postures but, The legitimate yoga training institutes will make you sit still and teach meditation. Here you will learn true meaning of meditation by the experienced yogis. Here you will learn that it’s really difficult to make your brain sit still and you can barely meditate of 5 minutes.

6. Expect Lot of Theory

You will be lectured a lot about Yoga Ethics, Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika or Bhagavad Gita, Yoga anatomy, Teaching skills, Communication Skills, Teaching style and what not. Be prepared with your note book. 

7. Expect Sore Knees and Hips:

Yes, It will happen and you know why? Because of long practice.

8. Expect Religious Conflict

Yes, Some traditional schools of Indian decent includes some puja of Hindu God and Godess like Ganesha, Shiva or Sarasvati. If you are not liberal in your religious believes than you may have to face inner conflicts.

9. Expect Missing Your Loved One

If you have left some loved ones behind at home, like your husband or child or boy friend, you may miss them when you are alone and exhausted. Any kind of communication like, phone call or skype may solve the situation.

10. Expect Lasting Friendship

You will make friendships here which will last long. Most probably you will find at least one person who will become your best yoga buddy.

11. Expect Transformation

Yes 90% of the students admit this and when they say this they are not lying. You will have a preset mentality before going to the course but, when you come out you will have a different outlook toward yourself and society.

12. Expect To Be Emotional

On the last day when you all depart from each other there is a big chance you may feel emotional.
One aspirant explains it in her words,” hardest part of the journey is to say- see you later.”

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