Yoga For Children

Being a kid may seem like an easy life, however in today’s world of all the hustle and bustle growing up can be quite difficult; dealing with peer pressure at school, having to be away from the home more as parents are working more to earn extra cash, the list goes on. So how can we help our children to relieve some of this pressure and teach them ways to relax and unwind, other than sitting in front of a TV screen?

yoga for children

The answer is yoga… we may think that it is only women who embark on this, but it can be used by everybody to help calm and bring balance to the body and mind. Techniques that are used can be helpful for children to deal with life in general, as well as make them aware of their own bodies, to help with relaxation and also enhance their own self esteem. There are also many physical benefits of yoga for children, the best of these being:

  • Becoming more flexible
  • Improving co-ordination
  • Enhancing strength

To make it fun for the kids and not having them lined up following an instructor, they will make shapes of plant life and animals; not only will they be having fun without realising they doing yoga, they are expanding their imagination. This enables them to forget their inhibitions and have fun with other children all taking part and enjoying themselves. Particular emphasis is put on the shapes that they make and listening to their own bodies whilst they do this, they can also make the sounds of the animals they are replicating; this can be a way to release any tensions vocally, you know yourself when you have had a bad day you just want to scream, well here for the kids they can let this out without feeling the pressure of not being able to release it.

Yoga for children has also had an impact upon providing a discipline for the children, although they may be able to convey various animals etc, the instructor is going to make sure that they follow certain rules, respecting themselves and those around them; some classes may even involve storytelling, games, music and creative work to enhance what they have done and how they are feeling.

Another area that can help children deal with life is the fact that they will learn to focus on their own energies, older children who are finding things particularly difficult can be taught breathing techniques. Knowing how to stop for just one moment and take a deep breath, count to ten and just a minute or two to relax the mind can help them immensely, and can see a good change in their overall behaviour too.

There are so many benefits of yoga for children whatever age they may, these benefits can be broken down to the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Peace
  • Grace
  • Balance
  • Co-ordination

By allowing the children to express themselves in a controlled and fun way they can learn to control their feelings and deal with whatever life throws at them, helping them to become well balanced teens and adults.

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