Yoga History

For many years people have practiced the art of yoga, but how did it come about, here we will take a brief look at yoga history.

Yoga actually came from India, and is deemed to be one of the oldest forms of health and fitness, with some stating it could be as old as 4 thousand years, as it has been observed in one of the sacred texts called the “Rig Veda”.

It is also thought to be that the word yoga came from the word yolk, a word commonly used to join things together, with the thinking of bringing the mind, body and spirit together through meditation and exercise.

yoga history

Of course, when many of us who do not practice yoga think of it, we envision people on very awkward positions and looking quite uncomfortable; however this approach is more about the control and balance of the body as well as learning discipline and controlled breathing.

Throughout and over the years there have been many variations, which can be broken down to four main eras, these being:

  • Pre-classical
  • Classical
  • Post-classical
  • Modern

Over these eras there has been changes and also modernising of them to fit in with the ever changing human race, work and lifestyles; although what still remains is that is a technique to bring together and harmonize the body, spirit and soul, and it also remains to keep the tradition of the Hindu religion, for each individual to find harmony and also to learn more about their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

These days yoga classes can be found in many gyms and centres, offering people the chance to unwind and also develop good all round fitness, their teaching may be a little different and so will the costs, however the underlying root of yoga history and its practices still remain throughout.

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