Yoga Pants : the Ins and Outs

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It seems like choosing a pair of yoga pants should be simple, right? If you’ve ever tried to walk in to a store and quickly purchase a pair of yoga pants, you know this isn’t true. With so many options for fit/style and new brands popping up in the most unexpected places, here are a few guidelines that will help you make your decision easily – and keep the yoga pant dilemma from ruining your next savasana.


Loose or tight? Pant or crop? Flare or straight leg? While these options may seem a bit daunting, the answer can be found in examining the type of yoga you most frequently practice. Loose fit or flare bottoms may not be the best choice if your favorite class is a dynamic Vinyasa flow. Those with more alignment based practices typically prefer a tighter, more tapered fit so that their teachers can easily see how their bodies are moving during class and adjust accordingly. The most important thing to consider in the end is that you want the winning pair to be something you feel comfortable in and will actually wear out of the house. Motivating yourself to get to yoga is sometimes difficult enough, but add in clothing that you’re not excited about and you’ll find yourself coming up with even more excuses why you can’t make your next class.


Lululemon athletica introduced crops not long ago with grippers to help with arm balances. This may seem silly until you attempt crow pose in the middle of a very sweaty class with crops that are too short, are soaked in sweat or are too baggy at the bottom. Two words – epic failure. Many brands are making tights with skirts over them and leggings that look like jeans (the yoga version of jeggings made from material you can actually practice in), which are perfect options if you want to wear your pants to yoga class, then to the grocery store, to pick up the kids from school, to run errands…you get the idea:  it’s important to think about what other parts of life you will use your pants for as you contemplate your investment.


And finally…fashion! In a pant world known for primarily dark/neutral colors, there are some bold fashion choices on the market these days. Black Milk Clothing and Teeki  are now designing colors and prints so bold they may get you stopped on the street by complete strangers (this has happened to me twice now in the red Teeki capris – try them for yourself). These pants will spice up your wardrobe and add a little extra flare to your practice (and your life!)

So there you have it!  You may now resume your savasana with a little more clarity and peace that your yoga pant purchase dilemma has been solved.

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