5 How to Start a Beauty Salon Business

Starting a business opportunity beauty salon business also needs careful planning. for some women, beauty treatments at the salon is vital. Many women who have money just barely willing to double the other for the sake of personal care needs in order to perform optimally, the beautiful and fascinating, whether for pride husband, boyfriend and friends admired, or as a carrying capacity in order to appear smart in the office.

Increasing number of women who want to do a body treatment at the hands of the professionals and the ever increasing busyness of some women, then it is a business opportunity for us to help them to stay beautiful by providing services through beauty salons we build.

5 How to Start a Beauty Salon Business

5 How to Start a Beauty Salon Business

For those of you who want to plan to open a beauty salon business, there are some things you need to prepare:

1. Participate Skills Course

If you have not been learned about how to take care of one’s body and maximize performance, then you should join a beauty salon crash course in advance. With a certificate of expertise, then you will be considered to be more believable as a person who is able to handle your salon customers Grosir Baju Rajut . For the salon course, the length of time depends ursus package you choose, there are courses of the week (20% theory – 80% practice), three months, six months, or even one year.

Choose according to the budget (budget) you. The course fee is required depending on the course you follow the institution (Rp. 500000-5 million). But if your budget is not sufficient to take a course, you can work around this by working in a beauty salon, or seek information on the type of training provided by government agencies, such as social services and women’s organizations in your area. Usually the cost is cheaper, even free – free.

2. Choosing a beauty salon Place of Business

The next step is setting up a beauty salon comfortable room. Use a paint color that corresponds to the concept of the existing theme in your salon. Bright white or pink color is usually widely used by entrepreneurs who have been successful salon. If you can not build a new room, or no places to rent, you can try to use one of the rooms in your home.

3. Prepare materials and equipment beauty salon

Some minimal equipment that you have to prepare, among others:

The interior of the salon, with perician as follows:

Painting the walls and provision of partitions, wall decorations, wall Wardrobe, water supply (hot and cold), the usual lights and decorative lighting.

Equipment and materials, details:

Special salon chair: 3 units @ $ 1,000,000

Hair heater if needed: 1 unit @ Rp 2,000,000

Hairdryer: 3 units @ Rp 300,000

Divan facials: 2 units @ Rp 2,000,000

Tables and hair washing shower: 2 units @ Rp 1,500,000

Large mirrors: 3 units @ Rp 300,000

Troley salon equipment: 1 unit @ $ 1,000,000

Storefront glass cabinets: 1 unit @ Rp 2,500,000

Salon equipment such as combs, manicure-pedicure sets, scissors, towels: 1 Unit @ Rp 2,000,000

Materials – materials salon (shampoo, tonic, cream, moisturizer, etc.): 1 package @ Rp 5,000,000

4. Further Tips

Once you have enough skill beauty, plant and equipment that has been the standard, then the next step is promotion, increase customer satisfaction, and continue to follow the trend of the model appearance, style, beauty, and insight into the beauty of drug use in your salon.

5. Additional Business

To complement and add to the impression of professionalism of your salon business, then you can add a plus effort to support your income, such as rental of clothing and bridal, adding massage spa and Beli pulsa online wellness facilities, or also open a salon courses for students daughter.

Similarly, a glimpse of the beauty salon business building tips

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