Respiratory Therapy Salary

You may be committed to achieve great growth opportunities and also strive to serve people with sincerity and these two goals are not anti ethical to each other because if you climb the career ladder, you will have more opportunities to serve people at a greater level.  The profession of a respiratory therapist suits perfectly if you have the right temperament.

Respiratory Therapy Salary

Respiratory Therapy Salary

Because of the high demand that prevails for competent respiratory therapists, the respiratory therapy salary is quite attractive.  In the United States, the average salary of a respiratory therapist during 2005 was $56,222 annually.  A beginner in this profession can make $41,000 annually, approximately.  But for earning such a decent salary, these respiratory therapists have to sweat it out.  Their working hours may extend up to 12 hours a day.  Sometimes, they may be expected to do overtime work for which they will be suitably compensated.  Since there is a dearth of efficient and competent respiratory therapists and every hospital needs their services, this kind of work load is there for them.  In general, pulmonary rehabilitation, pulmonary diagnostics, and pulmonologists’ offices remain open for 9 hours from Monday through Friday with Saturday and Sunday as week end offs.

This profession is expected to grow in demand at a rate of 19% according to an estimate.  The population of the aged is likely to grow in the next decade and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) appears in the fourth position in the list of killer-diseases.  The number of patients who are suffering from asthma is also rising fast.  When babies are born to impoverished and young mothers, they are bound to suffer from these health complications.  Asthma is likely to strike when unhygienic conditions and improper health care haunt the lives of these babies.  In this context, the demand for respiratory therapists and the respiratory therapy salary are likely to grow in leaps and bounds.  Their services will be needed not only to treat these patients but to educate them about how they can take preventive care to avoid future bouts of asthma and COPD.

The great feeling that accompanies saving a patient's life when the patient suffers from asthma or has stopped breathing due to a heart attack is the main advantage in the job of a respiratory therapist.  The therapist will do well to understand the requirements of the patient and do what is needed for making the patient breathe easily and feel comfortable.  Sometimes the respiratory therapist will be required to work in emergency situations when there is a question of life or death of the patient.  Such situations may occur more frequently in this profession and so the high respiratory therapy salary is definitely justified. 

Some patients may not be warm to the respiratory therapists, though they may treat them kindly.  But the therapists should not lose patience with the patients.  If they persistently show kindness to the patients, at one point of time, the patients will realize their follies and come round to cooperate with the therapists.

The respiratory therapists are also expected to effect changes in their treatment to patients according to the changes in the health care systems and only then, they can be successful in keeping in tune with the system as well as with the treatments given to patients.

There is an opportunities galore for respiratory therapists because openings are there in the field of education, hospital administration and management of departments, assistance in ambulance services and in transporting of patients to various hospitals and management of home care companies that provide respiratory care at the cozy ambiance of the home of the patients.  But these opportunities and a good respiratory therapy salary can be availed of only if the therapist equips oneself with the required expertise and training.

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